About Erica

Erica has been in the medical field since 1993. She is the creator of BioEmotional Transformation, where biology meets belief and is the developer of EMBODIMENTS,  conscious thought transformation and the Embodiment Exploration Workshop series- Viscerally Experiencing Transformation. She has taught throughout the United States as well as internationally. She is a leader in the field of BioEmotion.

Throughout her more than 20 years in the medical field she has been fascinated  by the impact of thoughts, emotions, and belief systems on health, wellness and disease. Erica began her journey in transformation work as a bodyworker. It became clear that many physical dysfunctions and pain were directly associated to a root emotional cause. Besides honing her manual and energy healing techniques she began to delve deeply into the body-mind-soul-spirit connection, as true healing occurred only when integrating all aspects of healing oneself.

As a seasoned therapist and mentor, she blends her skills, talents, and intuition to teach you how to engage your body’s inner wisdom to achieve ultimate transformation. Erica has the unique gift of empowering her clients through the process of self-awareness. She loves seeing the sparkles of the “aha moment” in her clients’ eyes as they embrace their truest selves and the splendor of their infinite potential. ‚Äč