The brain is a powerful tool. We have all probably tried “Affirmations” of some kind or other to varying degrees of success. The problem with Affirmations is that if you repeat over and over things like “I am lovable”, “I am successful” or “I am worthy” the mind says: “Yea, right!”, ” Not true, I have evidence to the contrary”. Our brains don’t believe it, and we could become caught in a negative mind loop.

Manifestation is the embodiment of our mental, emotional, etheric and astral bodies into physical existence. The physical plane is experienced with the senses, and to transform it we must become sensory masters. Embodiments are the sensory experience of manifestation. they teach the individual how to embody their potential. Once one has a felt sense of the experience they are looking to step into it is easy to manifest the reality they have already lived.

  • Full bodied, visceral, and direct experience of your potential
  • Bypass the brain and teach your body the direct experience of transformation.
  • Explore all the possibilities of potential.
  • Explore your own personal encyclopedia of sensations.
  • Take the power away from limiting or debilitating emotions.
  • Build easy access neural pathways to re-creating positive life enhancing experiences.
  • Transform your nervous system.
  • Inform your system of a new physical reality.
  • Connect with and learn to trust your intuition.

Embodiments method is a game changer! It will transform your life and help you create the masterpiece you forgot you already are. It helps you discover within yourself your true power and unlimited potential.