BioEmotional Transformation

BioEmotional Transformation is a radical approach to physical, emotional and spiritual healing which allows us to engage our deep inner wisdom as an ally to transforming and healing the Body, the Mind and the Soul.
By learning how to listen to our system, one can become aware of the information we are receiving down to a molecular level. We become in-tune with the subtle messages we receive from our inner and outer environment. As we integrate the information from our physiology, nervous system and, subconscious emotions, beliefs, soul contracts, and higher self we become conscious of the ways we have been stifling our own health, vitality and growth.
Physical, emotional and karmic trauma is stored in the body in the form of “energy cysts”. By inviting these areas to release the stored information and patterns, we open new space for the body to heal. You are then able to clear your system of limiting beliefs, fears and trauma. As your nervous system heals, and regenerates at its own pace, you will learn to identify and use your internal and external resources. You can then regenerate, rejuvenate and connect to effortless joy. You become fully engaged in living a soul inspired life passionately and purposefully.
The Healing Effects of BioEmotional Transformation on the BODY
To access our innate power of self-healing, it is vital we learn to listen and interpret the subtle cues our body gives us. To heal we explore and integrate our unconscious awareness into our present moment consciousness.
Our body is the physical representation of our emotional, etheric and spiritual bodies. To heal the seen, we must first explore the unseen. The body is a direct manifestation of the subconscious mind. Once we become aware of what was once hidden, we have a choice, and choice gives us the power to transform. By unraveling the threads of what has been keeping us in unhealthy patterns, our beliefs change, and our health and life can transform.
In order to manifest your vision in the world, it is often necessary to evolve your relationship with your body and deepen your grounding and presence. BioEmotional Transformation helps you expand your kinesthetic “felt” awareness. You will clear traumatic imprints, and develop the physical, creative, and spiritual resources you need to manifest your soul’s path.
Benefits of Healing the BODY:

  • Maximize pain management
  • Learn to listen to your own inner wisdom
  • Heal your body from the inside out
  • Maximize treatment outcomes
  • Release fear of needles
  • Prepare mentally for medical  procedures
  • Learn guided imagery for healing
  • Relaxing dental procedures
  • Decreases anxiety & increases relaxation
  • Supports smoking cessation
  • Supports weight loss endeavors
  • Reconnect to natural energy rhythms
  • Rejuvenate yourself & be energetically full
  • Instill intuitive eating and nutrition habits
  • Relieve and reduce migraine headaches
  • Remedy traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries
  • Ease chronic neck and back pain
  • Reduces motor coordination impairments
  • Releases frozen shoulder
  • Minimizes stress & tension
  • Treats depression
  • Remedies insomnia
  • Combats chronic fatigue
  • Treats immune system depletion or disorders
  • Alleviates TMD– Temporal Mandibular Joint Dysfunction
  • Remedies scoliosis
  • Rectifies neurovascular disorders
  • Reduces the symptoms and complications of autism
  • Treats Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Relieves fibromyalgia
  • Alleviates post-surgical dysfunction
  • Treats whiplash injuries
  • Minimizes hormonal imbalances, menstrual pain, PMS
  • Reduces problems during and after pregnancy
  • Heals birth trauma
  • Alleviates tinnitus and middle ear problems
  • Mitigates asthma, sinusitis, & bronchitis
The Healing Effects of BioEmotional Transformation on the MIND 
Our beliefs are programmed into our subconscious beginning in-utero and continuing throughout our lives. This constellation of thoughts and beliefs form our personality and controls our capabilities, influencing every aspect of our life. Limiting beliefs inherently limit our ability to live a full and purposeful life. To elicit positive transformation, we need to program our subconscious with high quality thoughts, just like when changing software in a computer you install the latest version of the program.
Self-limiting negative core beliefs are systematically uncovered and replaced with positive, empowering thoughts that enable you to achieve your goals.
Healing your MIND will:
  •      Transform negative thoughts and habits
  •      Release fears
  •      Achieve goals
  •      Attract nurturing relationships
  •      Enable confident public speaking
  •      Create abundance
  •      Create healthy boundaries
  •      Develop intuition
  •      Discover inner resources
  •      Enhance creativity
  •      Fulfill life path
  •      Enable full body presence
  •      Jump-start goal motivation
  •      Improve self-image
  •      Ease life transitions
  •      Increase the ability to live in the now
  •      Create a positive self-image
  •      Promote a positive work-life balance
  •      Provide the means to reclaim your power
  •      Release phobias
  •      Facilitate smoking cessation
  •      Enable & empower weight Loss
  • Connect fully with your body and the earth
  • Expand your capacity for intimacy
  • Learn to be more present in the “Now”
  • Change limiting belief systems
  • Heal past-life and current-life traumas
  • Transform restrictive body patterns and armoring
  • Develop new somatic, creative, and spiritual resources
  • Befriend your body and feel more at “home”
  • Complete fight-flight-freeze impulses in your body
  • Develop healthier boundaries
  • Heal and integrate your inner child
  • Clear pre/peri-natal birth experiences
  • Deepen somatic awareness and embodiment
  • Experience healthy bonding and trust
  • Embrace life with more mindfulness, spaciousness, and compassion
  • Regain access to your power centers
  • Balance vital energetic flow
  • Release patterns of disease
  • Release suppressed emotions that may be inhibiting complete recovery and structural release
  • Widen your perceptual lens
  • Transform your story
  • Regain your ability to heal
  • Increase your ability to have healthy boundaries
  • Reclaim your body from illness and imbalance
The Healing Effects of BioEmotional Transformation on the SOUL 
Our Soul is the essence of who we are. As a unique signature there are no two alike and it cannot be replicated. It is the energetic vibration of our physical, etheric, mental, emotional, and astral bodies. Our Soul is on a quest to grow spiritually and to re-integrate with our Spirit, that part of us that is already perfect and connects us to Source, the divine essence of life.
For us to be healthy, fulfilled, and connected to life we must feed our Soul by honoring our uniqueness within the whole of life. We must accept ourselves as divine beings experiencing a human existence.
Before incarnating into this life, our Soul decided what lessons would best suit its spiritual growth.  Our journey as a human is to remember our divine nature. As well as to bring to conscious awareness and to fulfill the contracts, choices, and paths we chose for our growth. As we do this, we connect to the whole of ourselves and we begin to embody the divine qualities of love, light, joy and grace.
This deep healing involves working with non-ordinary reality, all planes of existence, inter-life, past lives, connecting with Spirit Guides, and creating a solid relationship with our Divine support.
Too often we are at odds with our Soul’s mission because we are not conscious of what it is. We are fighting ourselves. By living in integrity with your Soul you can experience a fully embodied and joyful life.
Healing your SOUL will:
  • Reveal your Soul’s mission in life
  • Connect you to the wisdom of your soul
  • Enable you to live a Soul-inspired life
  • Release Karmic stories, fears, and limitations
  • Receive guidance from your Higher Self
  • Connect you to Source
  • Dissolve fears and limiting beliefs
  • Allow you to know yourself a complete, successful and creative being
  • Open channels of guidance from your Spirit Guides
  • Ignite your career
  • Aid you in developing and implementing your Soul-inspired action plan
  • Help you to develop a healthy relationship with money
  • Manifest prosperity
  • Empower you to achieve goals easily
  • Enable you to create harmonious relationships
  • Assist you in developing soulmate relationships
  • Empower you  to let go of relationships
  • Manifest your life goals
  • Clear obstacles that block your progression
  • Align your inner spiritual life with your outer life.
  • Heal illness, and the physical manifestations of soul sickness
The healing effects of BioEmotional Transformation on the SPIRIT:
Exploring your spiritual nature can be one of the most deeply exhilarating experiences of your life. You will find yourself energized, grounded, strong, and with a sense of absolute knowing that you are living life at your maximum potential. As one connects to Spirit, we begin to see all possibilities and we live in awe of life, creation and the Divine.
Spirit is the part of us that is already perfect and directly connected to Source. As we heal and integrate all of who we are we more easily connect to our infinite, divine nature. Our limitless nature connects to the Infinite Field of Potential which has no boundaries or limitations on what is possible. It contains within itself EVERY probability, every conceivable outcome, from the infinitely large to the infinitely small. Whatever can be dreamed of already exists, regardless of the perceived enormity or impossibility in physical reality.
Our Soul is always yearning to go back to Source, the perfect, complete state of being. When you are connected to your Spirit you feel light, love, aliveness, connection, full potential. Your Spirit is whole, complete, and already perfect, it is consistent, simple and timeless because it never leaves Source.
When you learn to work closely with Spirit, your guides, and expand your perceptual lens to include all possible realities, the best version of yourself shows up and creates synchronicity in your daily living. You feel whole, complete and connected and become one with the inner workings of the Universe.
Connecting to SPIRIT will:
  • Spiritual Communion With Your Divine Essence
  • Deep Sense of Purpose
  • Understand the Nature of the Higher-Self
  • Profound Connection to Others & The World
  • Explore Pure Potentiality
  • Develop an Ability to Laugh at Yourself
  • Discover the Dynamic Exchange of Giving and Receiving
  • Be Open to Amazing Opportunities Entering Your Life
  • Attract People Who Understand You
  • Freedom to Be Yourself
  • Tap into the Infinite Organizing Power of the Universe
  • Manifest with Effortless Ease
  • Discover What it Feels Like to Come Home
  • Develop a Greater Awareness of Reality
  • Accelerated Personal Development
  • Increased Intuition
  • A Profound Sense of Personal Knowing
  • Experience the Divine Qualities of Love, Grace, Compassion, Forgiveness and More
  • Inner Peace