Long-Distance Healing

We live in a mobile world. The advantage? You can live anywhere on the planet and experience transformative healing.

Long-Distance Healing is a joint process where you and Erica work together for your well-being and health. Erica uses her many years of study and practice of the human energy system and the subconscious mind to help you attend to your body and your soul’s wisdom so you get more clarity with whatever situation you might be working through.

What is a Long-Distance Healing session like?

We recommend you be in a safe, quiet space with a comfortable chair to sit in, and have a clear phone connection.

As with any in-person session there may be something specific that you have in mind that you are looking to transform and heal, or you and Erica can tune into what your inner wisdom would like to address in the moment. You may choose to attend to physical and health issues, emotional challenges, mental blocks, spiritual questions, perceptions about life, dreams, anything at all that would make you and your life feel more integrated, whole and empowered.

You will dialogue through the session and at times Erica may ask you to bring your awareness to your body’s sensations, this will engage your body’s wisdom and you will get more integration and clarity. Every cell in your being has wisdom and an ability to share information, and that might come in the form of body sensations, colors, smells, ideas, and/or symbols.
As you move forward in the journey together, the long-distance healing process is going to get more familiar.

You are in charge of your session. You change and heal at a pace that works for you. At times the experiences in a particular session may temporarily feel uncomfortable like a body tension, or an emotional unease, at least until you get more clarity in that session. Erica can help you find, utilize and strengthen the resources you already have for your own well-being. She may ask you for more information as you go along to make sure she is supporting you in the best way.