Regression Therapy

Regression Therapy retrieves and heals traumatic memories from the past. These memories could be from our childhood, in-utero and birth experiences, the time we spent planning and choosing the lessons our soul wanted to learn in this life (Inter-Life) or our past-life experiences.

All of these experiences leave an energetic imprint on our auric field which informs our whole system down to the molecular level. Our body, mind, emotions, personality, limiting patterns, negative beliefs, fears and phobias are a manifestation of all the memories and experiences we have stored in our subconscious mind.

Our goal with Regression Therapy is to release the energetic hold these events have on us and to integrate the information we leaned from these experiences so that we can have a fuller, more meaningful life. Re-experiencing and integrating past events often brings profound healing and change. As we delve into these subconscious memories we collect knowledge and wisdom about ourselves, a deep understanding of our hidden agendas, and the complex nature of our personality.

Our objective is to help our system “complete the biological process”, the natural and instinctual process of our bodies to release the energy of flight, flight or freeze. We may carry this frozen state from trauma in childhood to trauma in past-lives. Our goal is to integrate ALL of who we are; our present life experiences and our personality in context with the full progression of our soul.

To live a soul-centered life we must remember who we are. ALL of who we are. As we integrate our human nature and our divine nature we gain understanding in our relationships, our journey of healing and our life purpose.

Inner Child Regression

As children we are like sponges that absorb thoughts, feelings, and attitudes from our environment. We assign meaning to our experiences and the emotions we associate with them – joy, anger, fear, sadness, love. As adults we often maintain the same mostly unconscious beliefs about ourselves and the world around us we took on in childhood, and these continue to control our lives.

Natal Regression

Everyone knows about the physical pain a mother goes through during childbirth, but often overlooked is that the baby also goes through emotional and physical pain. Their fragile nervous system doesn’t have the resources to deal with all these changes. Anesthesia, C-Sections, forceps, traumatic birth events, attachment issues can all have an impact on the beliefs and decisions we made about ourselves and the world around us, which will then color our experiences through life.

Inner-Life Regression

Inter-Life regression offers the opportunity of accessing the soul’s memories in the spiritual realms as you were preparing to incarnate into this life. Our soul is on a mission to grow spiritually. Accessing these memories can help us remember what it set out to learn and therefore become more aligned with our soul’s purpose. By connecting with our divine nature we access a deep sense of inner peace and integrate with ALL of who we are.

Past-Life Regression

Many spiritual practices believe that we reincarnate over a series of lifetimes so that our souls can learn, grow and evolve. Past-life regression can be a transformative and empowering process for anyone, whether they believe in reincarnation or not. Some choose to believe that the mind creates its own dissociated experiences to deal with challenging issues and gain insight from a safe distance. Others believe that we tap into the collective unconscious’ when we access a past life memory. Regardless of what you believe, past-life regression is profoundly healing. It can help transform unresolved issues of the past that still exert a powerful influence on the present.

Past-life regression is a powerful tool in helping you understand the issues keeping you from experiencing the joyful and vibrant life you desire.

Benefits of Regression Therapy

  • Dissolve fears and limiting beliefs
  • Release karmic stories, fears, and limitations
  • Transform restrictive body patterns and armoring
  • Befriend your body and feel more at “home”
  • Complete fight, flight, and freeze impulses in your body
  • Develop healthy boundaries
  • Heal and integrate your inner child
  • Clear traumatic pre/peri-natal birth experiences
  • Regain a sense of safety and trust
  • Embrace life with more mindfulness and compassion
  • Regain access to your power centers
  • Balance vital energetic flow
  • Transform your story
  • Regain your ability to heal
  • Discover your soul’s purpose in life
  • Receive guidance from your Higher-Self & Spirit Guides
  • Manifest prosperity
  • Achieve goals easily
  • Let go of unhealthy relationships
  • Expand your capacity for intimacy
  • Develop harmonious and soulmate relationships
  • Align your inner spiritual life with your outer life.
  • Learn to be more present in the “Now”
  • Profound connection to others & the world
  • Develop an ability to laugh at yourself
  • Be open to amazing opportunities entering your life
  • Attract people who understand you
  • Freedom to be yourself
  • Increased intuition
  • Experience the divine qualities of Love, Grace, Compassion, Forgiveness

Erica offers private past-life regression sessions and and past-life exploration group classes. The more you discover about yourself, the greater capacity you have to live a full life.