~~”Erica helped me resolve a long-term health issue (adrenal fatigue). Her strong empathy and incredible intuition guided each session to a successful result. She is one of the most patient, gentle and compassionate people I have ever met, and I am so grateful she is in the business of helping people heal. I highly recommend her services.” — Cate McCarran

~~”Erica has such a wonderful energy, and her personal and empathetic healing approach helps you feel comfortable and immediately connected with her. Her skillful and insightful techniques helped me to gain a better perspective into old beliefs that were holding me back from experiencing more happiness in my life. I highly recommend her as a hypnotherapist for anyone who wants to connect with their own subconscious powers of healing and to improve their life.” __ Irena Lana Ajic

~~”Erica Eickhoff is a talented, intuitive, no-nonsense coach. She skillfully gets my scattered, inspired entrepreneurial self-organized and keeps me on track, helping me set plans and goals and deadlines for myself, and holding me accountable. She has helped me identify self-limiting patterns and work them out so that I can move forward. With Erica’s help, I have found clarity in my mission and feel that my business goals are that much more attainable. Thank you, Erica!”
__Gabriela Condrea, Tango is about the connection. Author of When 1+1=1

~~ “When one thinks HOLISTIC healing one wants WHOLE-istic as in the complete package. Peace of mind, tranquility of spirit, and healing of the soul as well as body. Well that is what Erica at Uma clinic delivers on each and every time. She is a wonderful well rounded therapist that span the gamma of therapy from physical to emotional to spiritual. I have had massage therapy from her and it is amazing how i felt afterwards. She has done cráneo sacral therapy in my and I felt a better flow of energy. She has dome healing therapy on me and it is just such a unique experience to have someone so in tune to you and willing to take your journey with you. Erica never makes it where she discovers what the issue is she guides you into your deepest self to find the issue and then walk from there to the path of solutions.
Truly a therapist that cares and becomes a part of your journey not just a couch and a pad. It makes a WHOLE lot of difference.” __ Maya V. Barbery

~~ “If you truly want the best life possible go see Erica at Uma. She is amazing. We think we know what we need fixed (consciously) but we really don’t know (unconscious mind). Erica will get to the root cause of what is holding you back quickly and has an amazing array of tools and techniques to draw from. Amazing”.__ Becky Blake

~~”I have been going to Erica at Uma Clinic for years. Her knowledge, experience and wisdom in treating the body far surpasses any practitioner in her field. If you want not only results, but results that heals the physical, mental and spiritual essence of your body, then look no further.” __ Dr. Mihn Vo, DC