This fundamentals workshop teaches you to access your intuitive nature for you to EMPOWER yourself. Gain a sensory blueprint to transform your life.

  • Explore the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.
  • Learn to transform fight/flight/freeze into vibrance and ease.
  • Learn tools to support deep relaxation and system regeneration.
  • Explore the beliefs that are holding you back from achieving a fulfilled and vibrant life.
  • Learn tools to let go of old patterns of disease and dysfunction.
  • Explore how trauma affects the body, mind, and spirit, and discover practical every day tools to support your healing.
  • Learn to ground and explore healthy boundaries.
  • Learn to trust your deep intuitive nature.
  • Understand your power centers and how to use them for your benefit.
  • Get a felt sense of your potential.
  • Embody your empowered self.

Join us at this 2 day life transforming workshop: 

We will stay at the workshop location during dinner/breaks. Please bring food/ snacks/ water.

You will need:
Comfortable clothing
Notebook/journal, pens, colored pencils.
Wear layers
Bring pillows, blankets if you want to be extra comfy.​

You alone can make this journey.
I am here to witness your embodied transformation!