Advanced Energy Dynamics

Healing from Trauma and Developing Healthy Boundaries

These sessions help you develop richer skills in grounding and widening your energy field. Once you embody these life-changing skills, they’ll be yours for life.

You’ll practice mapping your own energy habits: your strengths as well as how you may lose energy and grounding when faced with overwhelming emotions or challenging situations. You’ll also learn how to rejuvenate yourself more quickly. In addition, you will learn how to track your individual energy flow habits and blockages and how to ground to rejuvenate and heal.

Benefits of Advanced Energy Dynamics:

  • Develop richer skills in grounding and widening your energy field.
  • Understand the “Energy Profiles” that distinguish ways you compensate for past traumas such as dissociation and addiction.
  • Practice methods to track your energy flow habits and blockages.
  • Use your skills in a way that helps you connect with your own internal resources, increase your energy flow, and reconnect to the present moment.
  • These skills are key in helping to heal from trauma.
  • Live a richer life full of joy and creativity.
  • Be empowered to address deeper emotional issues.
  • Learn how to work with your own emotional process more deeply, without being overwhelmed or burning out.
  • Achieve more diversity, strength and fluidity in your energy field, which enables you to more fully experience the joy in each present moment.